CCK08: Hello Connectivism world!

My name is Bradley Shoebottom.

I live in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

My day job is an Information Architect, primarily in the single sourcing/DITA XML area for technical publications and eLearning. Lately I have gotten into the power of Ontology’s and how to use them to spin off into creating information sets for content development. I have been doing this job for 2 years. I work in a virtual office environment with only one coworker of like function in Fredericton. Most of my team members are in a city an hour drive away and 1/2 of the other Info Architects are in other provinces. I use a laptop soft phone to communicate so I can work from home easily if I want. Prior to that I wrote telecommunications user manuals for 2 years and eLearning Instructional Design and development for 4 years. I have run a fleet of school buses and commanded a squadron (19) tanks for the Canadian Armed Forces.

I have 20 years experience as an Instructor with the Canadian Military, 10 teaching tactics, and 10 teaching Canadian history and politics for the Royal Military College of Canada. I currently teach 5 course a year, 60% are on line using Desire2Learns LMS system.

My pet peeves are:

  • passive voice,
  • incorrect use of commas,
  • bad interface/access design, but my biggest peeve is:
  • organizations that want to defer correct interface/access design problems until the next capital year because of modern accounting practices. Not a very user friendly approach!(Yes, I can be a bit impatient and a bit of a pest. 🙂 )

I am interested in this course to give me:

  1. experience in using some technology tools I haven’t had a chance to use,
  2. see/hear techniques for their implementation, and
  3. gaining credit towards the certificate program which will be helpful for me and my company.

I would consider this course a success if my exposure to the above 3 points allows me to communicate more effectively in my virtual office environment, allows me to implement strategies and techniques to make my own teaching more effective, and if I can take away ideas that will allow me to implement with my company and its clients.

I have extensive experience using Le arming Management Systems (Top Class and Desire2Learn). I have a blog on my companies SharePoint site. I am checking the 2 courses I teach each night. I mark electronic files posted there, respond to discussions, and post news items. I am on Facebook,  and LibraryThing as active users. I use AbeBooks quite a bit since I collect out of print Canadian military history books. I am an on line banking fan, and I only go to the bank machine to deposit checks, and get money for the babysitters and why little discretionary cash I can give myself a week. I use Wikis quite a bit inside of Sharepoint, but haven’t had time to contribute to Wikipedia on the history side. There are lots of subjects that need covering or could use better info, but that can be a full time job.

I find I do not have time to really read my news aggregaters. I stick to the local paper and browse CBC news. For Info Architecture materials, I read bulletins from Read/write Web, Jakob Nielsen, George Siemens, Knowledge World Magazine, the Society for Technical Communication, EContent Magazine, Boxes and Arrows, and Step Two Designs. For My military history interests, I subscribe to The Northern Mariner, Acadiensis, The Canadian Military Journal, The Canadian Army Journal, Canadian Training and Doctrine Bulletin, The Journal of Canadian Military History, and Parameters.

Technology wise, were do I see myself in 5 years? Using one electronic device that can be a phone (Bluetoothdoes not like to play with my Compaq 6325 laptop), camera, video recorder, GPS web browser, gaming (like the motion sensors in the WII) and leanring interface, office productivity tool that can find me the nearest favorite coffee shop, when away from home, at 1 am that is open, and has my favorite donut (Boston Cream).





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