CCK08: Week 2 Mind Map of Course

Here is my first posting of my mind map of the course. I spent 2.5 hours laying it out on the 17th only to realize I had no idea how to describe the relationship. I went to the CMAP website and found some excellent resources particularly the step by step process and an example. So after “learning how to do this” I spent 2.5 hours tonight (19 Sept) changing the arrow directions on most of my links and describing the links. I think I got the majority of what I would call the technology side and course administration and navigationdown.  What a huge mess. I am going to have to play around with the layout to prevent overlapping lines. I think I might put some nodes in to reduce the “fanning” and running over top of the boxes. This might be a just before the final due date re-formatting effort.

Tomorrow I hope to list all the readings/presentations, build the links between classes in the various 3 domains and then describe the key ideas for each presentation or reading. I am going to draw the line at the recordings as they can go all over the place. Same for the blogs.

Anyway, here it is. By the way, I exported to format as it is clearest for printing and smallest format going around.

Mind Map of CCK08 Course Information in Week 2

Mind Map of CCK08 Course Information in Week 2



5 Responses to “CCK08: Week 2 Mind Map of Course”

  1. ailsa Says:

    wow, what a lots going on. Now for a harder q, rather than nuts and bolts, whats the tracing thats happened with thinking?
    I havent got there yet, am still annoyed with arrows that dont go where i want 🙂

  2. bradleyshoebottom Says:


    I thought I would have a change to list the readings/presentations per week and then start building a “knowledge” map from those readings on the right hand side of my mind map that indicate concepts like theory’s and who is criticizing them etc. I had to take Sat night off after a week of 5 hour sleeps per night so I did not get it done. IT needs a bit of formatting, but CMAP says save that for the last step!

    The arrows can be a bit tedious so after I laid out all the concepts I realized I had arrows going in the wrong direction so I just right clicked on a connection, selected format, and up cam arrow options to reverse directions etc. It sometimes does not draw an arrow at the end of a connector if you have not given it enough room between the concept and the relationship description. It seems to be “implying” that as a graphic medium, you should give it more space to create better understanding?!

  3. George D. Appel Says:

    I too have been using CMaps Tools. You are right IMO to move to knowledge map format.

    I’m trying to develop a learning object using CMaps tools for use by teachers and students to learn/perform 21st century skills.

    Are any of your maps in “Public Places” in CMaps? I would enjoy seeing them and how they evolve.

  4. bradleyshoebottom Says:


    I am aware of public places in CMAP, but I have not put them there as I am unaware how to upload or what editing restrictions I can put in places since my CCK08 ontology are my course notes. I can’t figure out how to put it up on CMAP server site with view/annotations permissions.

  5. Ted Burrett Says:

    My fellow on Facebook shared this link and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

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