CCK08: An Onotology of my Belief system

Bradley Shoebottom Belief System Mind Map

Bradley Shoebottom Belief System Mind Map

In a discussion about non-hierachial ontologies, I was challenged how to come up with one. It was suggested I do my belief system. Here it is, and darn it, after the first 4 major concepts, it went hierachic. Maybe I have too much darn logic in my noodle (brain).

Here it is:



4 Responses to “CCK08: An Onotology of my Belief system”

  1. ailsa Says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if our noodles are hierachical or if the software supports a more hierachical way of presenting it?

  2. Bradley Shoebottom Says:


    I think our brains are hierarchial or perhaps nature automatically lends itself to hierarchy. Just think of the food chain as a hierarchy. The animals certainly know it.

    The software I think helps make it look more hierarchial than it is. I had to think about this structure for an hour. It was putting strucutre to what I thought was unstructured. At one point I thought my belief system was based on the 10 commandments but I was nto able to work that in well. My beliefs likely are becasue I am constanly reminding my son why we do and do not do certain things and my unstated knowledge framework is the 10 commandments.

  3. Matthias Melcher Says:

    I wouldn’t see hierarchies/ trees as an incompatible opposite of networks/ webs. They are a border case, and mixed forms like this map (containing a cross link) are very useful. The more certainty we need the more hierarchical topology will emerge (i. e., the connection strengths will be binary). So for a belief system its no surprise to become a tree. However, software and industrial office organization have indeed skewed the balance in our noodles unduly towards trees.

  4. x28’s new Blog » Blog Archive » CCK08 Conceptual and other network layers Says:

    […] Shoebottom and his commenter Ailsa discussed about how hierarchical our “noodles” are. Here is my yesterday`s comment that is still […]

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