CCK08: Week 4: Concept Map

Here is my concept map at the end of week 4. cck08_mind_map_bradley_shoebottom-mind-map-of-course-information-week-4

I had to deploy as a PDF because the PNG format was 10 MB. PDF was only 2.7 MB.

The top left is the course management side of things and technology. The real substance is my linkages of ideas on the right. I had to clean this up because my initial concept map had things organized around Readings, presentations, additional readings, my own readings etc. and then repeating the Week 1-12 list to the right. I would have been constantly reformatting, so I decided to go with Week 1-12, list the readings in the order they appear in the Wiki, and then draw in concepts of Required Reading, Additional etc, and draw the lines to the concept. It works much better and is actually more legible.


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