CCK08: Spirit of Openess for Assignment 1

In the spirit of openness and to flow the wave Lisa set, here is my assessment of Assignment 1(paper1_bradleyshoebottom) and my original post.

I focused on trying to define if we were in a revolutionary, transformative, or evolutionary learning environment using a historical example of current military affairs. Here’s what George had to say:

My one suggestion in your paper is for you to explore how we can see past web 2.0 terminology and focus on established trends….and of course, where those trends suggest we may end up.

Good observation George. Some would say, who cares if it is revolutionary, transformative, or evolutionary, and if youa re living the moment, all you want to do is get stuff done. I was having a bit of fun with language, something I do not get to do with my day job as I am mostly in the moment.

My professional development at work focusses mainly on technology trends in the user centered design environment. What is often lacking is examples of how to use tools to enhance outcomes, so my focus lately has been to do that (besides this course). This course is an example of gaining that knowledge. Many of the people in this course have provided links to interesting studies that I would have never had the time to discover on my own.

I am a follower of semantic web 3.0 technologies and I do have a idea of where I would love this whole internet thing to play out so that it is finally user friendly. Semantics will tie so many disparate things together. I’m no trying to figure out if there is going to be a Web 4.0 and what that will be (higher levels of “thought” knowledge?)



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