CCK08: Final Assignment – CMAP Recording Presentation

I thought I would do something different for my presentation other than a PowerPoint. I noted earlier in the course that CMAP had a recording feature to show the creation of a CMAP. I though I could use this to show how I answered the Final assignment # 4 questions in a concept map. Instead of a boring paragraph narrative structure or PowerPoint bullets. I thought I would use the sentence structure of a concept map to portray my ideas. I have struggled at work to show my co-workers my more complex ontologies so that they can understand them better. The recording feature can do this.

The CMAP allowed me to show an ontology of the Final Assignment, the relative strengths of some network connections I developed in the course and I could even incorporate thumbnails into each concept box (Thanks Lisa Lane). The is on Blip TV located here. (Note, Blip TV took my 183 MB AVI file and automatically converted it after uploading.) Lastly, here is a “still” shot of the completed presentation.



5 Responses to “CCK08: Final Assignment – CMAP Recording Presentation”

  1. lisahistory Says:

    This was totally cool, and not just because I didn’t know that CMap could do all that stuff. What was amazing was the way you tied together your networks to what you’re going to do with connectivism, narrating while at the same time illuminating those connections on the map. Wonderful!


  2. suifaijohnmak Says:

    This is a fabulous! You have touched our colleagues’ and my hearts deeply with this CMap of connections of people and development of concepts, with a clear explanation of its development. Connectivism at its best, at your finger tips! We are strongly connected!
    I love your approach, and would surely consider this in future presentation.
    I think your CMAP could also be further analysed using the social network analysis. I would be interested in knowing the results and analysis. Also, this could be a useful research area. What do you think?
    I feel both glad and proud to have you as my “classmate” in this course. I have always enjoyed our sharing of experience and insights in the forum and blogs.

    I have just posted a few new ones relating to taxonomy, RFID, and on-line learning on my blog:

    • bradleyshoebottom Says:


      I commented in the Week 12 Moodle that I though someoone should do as their MA thesis or Even Goerge as part of his book to do a network analysis of CCK08 to show how the entwork connects ebbed and flowed. This could be done at least on the side of quantitiative connections ie posts, blogs, links, etc. What would be harder to assess is the qualitiative connections especially for those that never posted anything. For those that posted, we certainly ahve adjectives like you used above to indicate you “connected”. A deeper anlysis of anything you wrote after or cited would give further credibility to the qualitiative increase in anyone’s knowledge.

  3. Keith Lyons Says:

    Thank you for sharing this Bradley. I think it is totally cool too! I have enjoyed your posts throughout this course. You have given me some great insights. This is one more.


  4. Viplav Baxi Says:

    Brilliant! Simply brilliant. I loved every moment of it – just shows what a good articulate teacher and thinker you are!

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